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A Case Study: Animal-Free Science Advocacy 

In this case study of a rebrand for a not-for-profit organisation, we share our design process, from identifying issues, to delivering solutions. 

Animal-Free Science Advocacy approached our studio for a rebrand of their not-for-profit organisation.


For this project we followed a 3-step rebranding process —

  1. analysing this non-profit’s existing brand design
  2. identifying issues, and
  3. presenting the creative solutions that ultimately transformed their organisation.


Understanding the problem 

The client came to our studio following audience research and consumer insights indicating that their existing name and logo was not effectively conveying their core mission – to end animal experimentation – in a clear and direct way.

Their previous logo unintentionally conveyed a wrong impression. It featured an abstract illustration of a human foot alongside the name ‘HRA: Humane Research Australia’. The combined elements led to a misunderstanding, suggesting that their research was focused on humans, contrary to their actual objective. 

Not-for-Profit – the old logo.

Establishing a new name and logo direction 

Findings from focus groups resulted in the name change to Animal-Free Science Advocacy.

With the new name secured, the client shared their vision for a more suitable direction for their logo and sourced examples to illustrate their ideas.

Here are some concepts they provided:

Concepts provided by the client.


Guided by the client’s vision, our talented creative team skilfully interpreted these ideas into tangible designs. We crafted three new concepts for a logo and presented them to Animal-Free Science Advocacy board members.

After careful consideration, they chose the brand identity that resonated most with their mission and values, shown here:

Rebrand for a Not-for-Profit – the new logo by Christie Davis Design

Bringing the new non-profit branding to life 

With this new direction locked in, phase two of the rebranding process began. Here, we focused on developing a comprehensive style guide and sample communications materials to align with the new logo.

As designers, our job is to create a new branding system. Most importantly, this system should meet the brief. Furthermore, it should function as a style guide that both internal and external designers can understand.

We were glad to accommodate the client’s existing brand rules and parameters on this project.

Our branding presentation included all the pre-chosen sample communication pieces and brand rules. In this project, the inclusions were:

– Fonts + colour palette

– Image style and applications – Posters

– Report covers

– Sample inside spread

Rebrand for a Not-for-Profit – colour palette
Rebrand for a Not-for-Profit – image style and applications
Rebrand for a Not-for-Profit – posters
Rebrand for a Not-for-Profit
Rebrand for a Not-for-Profit – report cover and inside spread

As effective designers, we develop communication pieces that serve a dual purpose. Firstly, as prototype examples of the new brand direction. And secondly, as functional brand materials that the organisation can immediately use.


Client Feedback 

Animal-Free Science Advocacy was exceptionally impressed with the new logo, brand identity, and brand designs. They said: “The result was spectacular and well beyond our expectations.”


Tailoring solutions to NFP budgets 

We understand that the budget capacity and size of an NFP organisation will determine whether they are able to engage with a graphic design firm like ours to develop and roll out all the required communications materials.

On completion of the project, Animal-Free Science Advocacy requested we hand over the working files for an in-house graphic designer to work from. We did so happily, and provided guidance on ways they could interpret the new brand. We’re looking forward to seeing their organisation bloom.

Our studio prides itself on being flexible and adaptable. We empower non-profit organisations before, during, and after each step of the rebrand.


See our portfolio for more examples of our non-profit design work.


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