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by | Aug 1, 2023 | Branding Design, Graphic Design

The process of building brand success

Brand identity design can be a very personal journey for a client. It’s something that will become a big part of their lives and must be something they are proud of.

When a business approaches us to design its new brand identity, it may present us with different ideas as to what they like and dislike. This might include a preference for a particular style of design, a favoured colour palette, specific subject matter they want to explore, or concepts they want to steer clear away from. Our clients then rely on us to bring their ideas to life visually.

On the other hand, some businesses may also have no idea about what they want or the angle they want to take. In this scenario, it’s up to us as designers to discover or interpret an appropriate direction.

Our Melbourne-based team of graphic designers has their fingers on the pulse of modern design. We will create an effective identity for your brand. After all, we live and breathe this in our daily working lives.

Finding ‘the sweet spot’

Every business is so different. Our job as a graphic design studio is to distil what is unique to your story, build a strong brand identity around it, and bring those key branding elements together to make you stand out from the crowd. This is what we call the ‘sweet spot’.

The Discovery Phase

We find the sweet spot during a crucial time in the design process: the discovery phase.

Each time we embark on creating a brand identity for a new client, we consider several factors to best meet our client’s needs. These will become the foundation of a successful brand.

The challenge in the discovery phase of the branding project is to find the right balance between our client’s vision and the visual interpretation that will strike a chord from a commercial perspective.

We address the following key factors:

  • A brand that will resonate with your target audience
  • A brand personality which stands apart from the competition
  • A brand that represents the products or services in a way that makes sense

How do we do this?

Before we launch into creating brand assets – logo design, social media graphics, and custom business cards, it’s essential to go through our tried and tested process.

On the graphic designer side: 

Depending on the budget set for research, the design process works in 3 stages.

  1. Brand strategy
    This is a deep dive into the who, what, and why of your brand. The depth of research may vary, but its purpose is to uncover your unique brand positioning and clarify the focus and direction of your entire brand identity.
  2. Branding questionnaire
    Here we focus on the aesthetic do’s and don’ts connected to the client’s taste and preferences. It’s a great opportunity to discover what you gravitate towards, from brand colours to typefaces.
  3. The branding presentation
    This is the exciting part, where we work within the brand guidelines and design three options for the client to consider. Once the revision process is complete, we present the final concept with their brand style guide – the essential pillar of a consistent brand.

On the client side: 

In preparation for a successful design process, it’s helpful for a client to spend some time thinking about these three things:

  1. Your ideal customer
    Who are they? What solutions does your business offer to your target market?
  2. Inspiration
    Research other brands that inspire you, and brands that appeal to you aesthetically. Ask yourself why they resonate with you.
  3. Identify your key competitors
    Note them down, and list the differences in your offering. Do you have a unique selling point that stands apart from them?


Brand identity for Melbourne business – Glasshouse
Brand identity Melbourne – Sixty-Three
Brand identity Melbourne – Justice
Brand identity for Melbourne Not For Profit – Heritage
Brand identity for Melbourne education – college

The building blocks of a good brand are a collaboration between the graphic designer and the client. The synergy, trust and shared goals during the design process become the fundamental framework of truly stand-out brand design.

We hope that by understanding the process better, you’ll be much more confident as you embark on your branding journey.

Whether you have big ideas and need a design professional to bring them to life, or you’re looking for a creative partner to grow your seed concept into something beautiful – let our talented team of graphic designers in Melbourne pave the way to a successful brand identity.

We’d love to chat about your brand identity design. Get in touch today!