Christie Davis, owner and director.

Christie launched her boutique graphic design studio in 2009 and has since delivered expertly tailored design to a range of clients and brands. As a senior designer she has a keen understanding of design processes and the industry, as well as a personable nature and a genuine interest in helping businesses succeed.

Christie works directly with each and every client, overseeing all projects that come through the studio to ensure quality, delivery and thoughtful service.

The company we keep

We are a team of four, working remotely but closely to design and deliver bespoke brand experiences.

Joined by our shared love of collaboration and communication, we have built solid working relationships that keep our tightly knit team productive and working together with our clients regularly, beyond initial projects.

Outside of our team we also engage with a diverse network of skilled creatives; web developers, copywriters, photographers and printers.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a wide creative scope, with the ability to say yes to projects with no drawn-out lead times.


Senior Designer & Illustrator

With nearly 10 years of Industry experience and a Masters in Arts and Communications, Sari brings to the table strong creative skills and passion for design, art, and illustration. A conceptual thinker she is dedicated to creating elegant, mindful design that achieves its objectives.


Senior Designer

With a Bachelor of Design from RMIT and over 20 years experience working in reputable brand agencies in both Sydney and Melbourne, Tammy is the quintessential graphic designer. Her classic, clean and simple designs effectively communicate and deliver maximum impact on the market.


Senior Designer & Illustrator

Anja is a 15 year design industry veteran, graduating Melbourne’s RMIT University as the only graphic design student in her year with a perfect score on her portfolio. Her strong work ethic and polished skills earnt her the annual ‘Designer of the Year’ award from Artisan Recruitment in Melbourne.

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