About Us

Boutique Graphic Design Studio

Christie Davis Design is a boutique graphic design studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Our talented team of Melbourne graphic designers has delivered bespoke brand experiences since 2009.

The Team

We’ve been bringing our fresh perspective to the table for over a decade. Since launching our boutique graphic design studio in 2009, our accomplished team of Melbourne graphic designers have delivered expertly tailored design, and bespoke brand experiences to clients in Australia and beyond.

Connected through our shared love of collaboration, communication, and a healthy dose of creativity – every designer brings their own specialised experience into the equation, to maintain a wide creative scope and achieve your vision in any capacity.

Christie Davis, owner and director.

As a senior level designer herself with over a decade of experience, Christie combines her love of design (a passion discovered at the age of 14!) with her entrepreneurial spirit which led to her founding her studio. Through her strategic design thinking and eye for talent; Christie pulls together all the moving parts and makes magic happen – from assembling the talent, working closely with her team, and collaborating with you 1:1 to achieve your goals. Part and parcel of her reputation for ‘above & beyond’ client service, Christie has a genuine interest in helping businesses succeed and works directly with each and every client to ensure quality, delivery and thoughtful service.

Sari Hodirker

Senior Designer & Illustrator

With a decade of industry experience under her belt, and a Masters in Arts and Communications, Sari brings her strong creative skills and passion for design, art and illustration to the forefront in each of her projects. A conceptual thinker to the core, she is dedicated to creating elegant, mindful design that achieves its objectives, and then some.

Julie Ta

Brand Strategist & Copywriter
An intuitive and strategic marketer by trade, Julie brings with her a decade of experience in digital marketing and brand strategy. As a skilled copywriter, she lays the foundations of your business success by creating the DNA of your brand and crafts the messages that tie visuals in with the verbals; forming an identity that truly stands out.
web and seo specialist

Di Graf

Web & SEO Specialist

Di brings over 20 years experience working with globally recognised brands. She studied Fine Arts and Digital Media at the University of Tasmania where she was placed on the Dean’s Roll of Excellence. She now specialises in web development and Search Engine Optimisation, the art and science of making websites easier to find.

The company we keep

Our Difference

Versatility, Always:

As an agile studio, we’re known to be the easiest team to work with. We prioritise a more personal approach, with Christie Davis as your direct contact from start to end, alongside a carefully selected team of creatives chosen for your specific project. This translates to working with the best talent to fulfil your vision, and relying on our trusted network of suppliers, too.

Bespoke Solutions, Only:

We go beyond expectations to deliver a customer service journey that’s trustworthy and tailored specifically to your unique needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach: we create the solutions to meet your desired outcomes, customised to your brand. 

Nothing Impossible, Ever:

Our multidisciplinary studio is strategy-led. We take the time to work closely with you and understand your brand deeply, to get the best outcomes. Nothing is impossible for us to achieve; you bring the budget, and we’ll provide the brains and creativity to bring it to life.

Studio Ethos

The values we hold close

+ Excellence:

In our people, and our projects. We take our craft seriously, and strive to produce quality work we are proud of.

+ Service:
Making our clients feel special, seen and heard. From offering solutions grounded in strategy, to going the extra mile to nurture long lasting relationships.

+ Flexibility:
Being agile and bespoke in our approach to design, and being able to challenge design thinking in creative and intelligent ways.