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Hire us for web design and digital marketing campaigns with imagery and copy that piques curiosity.

With so much energy spent scrolling on screens, there’s a lot of competition on the web. That means lots of opportunity to create instantly recognisable moments, too. We create impactful, compellingly ‘clickable’ designs that jump out of the screen and guide your audience on a memorable journey.

Websites and digital marketing by Melbourne design studio, Christie Davis Design

Our Web and Digital Marketing Services

+ Email Template Design

As a crucial part of your customer’s online experience, email marketing is a must-have marketing tool. We design email templates in your preferred platform. And we ensure they are consistent with your branding and can be adapted to a DIY approach.

+ Email Automation

Inspire your audience to take action with you – from welcome series, abandoned carts, post-purchase sequences and the nitty gritty in between: we strategise, copywrite and design an exciting journey that consistently presents your brand in the best way, almost on auto-pilot.

+ Newsletters

There’s always something worth sharing with your community. Whether it’s a new product launch, educational piece, or even a secret sale. We can manage and design your email newsletters (EDMs) on a regular basis, so you can focus on growing your business.

+ Web Design

Your website is more than just a virtual business card, it’s a digital home for your business. The best websites do the heavy lifting for you. We partner with web designers who have a good design eye and who can translate the branding we create into the web space – so your audience’s first impression of your website is… impressed!

+ Web Banner Ads In the digital advertising world, display banner ads or web banners are clickable digital ads displayed on other websites that link back to yours. In our world, we design eye-catching, persuasive and creative ads that are worthy of a click-through to your home page.

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