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Branding is the process of giving meaning to a business, by creating and shaping its identity in a person’s mind. A brand is in essence, a person’s gut feeling about a specific product or company.

The Concept of Branding

If a product or service is what you sell, then the brand is the perceived image of the product or service you sell. And branding is the strategy behind creating that image.

What separates good branding from great branding is the talent behind its conception.

That’s where we come into the picture: at the beginning stages of brand creation.

Our talented team of Melbourne graphic designers will work with you to develop a strong brand image. One that not only attracts potential customers but also builds the brand equity that turns them into loyal customers.

Create a brand with us.

Our Branding Services

+ Brand Strategy

Your brand’s DNA starts here. Before you can express your brand effectively through visuals, you need to know who you are and what your brand is trying to say. We deep dive into your:

  • target audience,
  • brand offer,
  • unique positioning,
  • features and benefits,
  • personality,
  • values,
  • mission,
  • vision,
  • promise and
  • essence

– to uncover why your business should matter to those you want to attract. Our creative work is based on strong foundations and backed by marketing strategy.

+ Brand Identity

Drawing on our deep understanding of your brand’s message and its story, we conceptualise and create your visual identity. Visible elements include colour, design, and assets. They are all part of how your branding communicates and shapes its identity in the mind of your customer. 

+ Logo Design

We develop the logotype and brandmarks that set your business apart and become an instantly recognisable asset to your product or organisation. We ensure the best designer is chosen for your unique aesthetic, so everything is in alignment with your brand DNA.

+ Brand Development

The process of improving your business’s overall image and reputation requires refining, testing, and building upon your strategy. We understand how to strengthen your position in the market and connect with your customers via distinctive brand development. This includes marketing material, advertising, website, social media, and style guides. We’re also experienced in rebranding – talk to us about a brand refresh for your organisation or business.

+ Stationery Design

Elevate your brand experience by creating tangible touch-points with your customers. From one-of-a-kind business cards, envelopes and letterheads, to greeting cards and paper products for professional correspondence – take your customer on a journey in print.

+ Style Guide Creation

Consistency is key when developing a new brand or managing a successful brand refresh. We create style guides that detail your standards for design – from logo usage, font, colour palette, and visual applications. Our style guides provide uniformity of your graphic elements. This ensures your brand integrity is upheld and communicated to your team. 

Branding Portfolio

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