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Good publication design reflects your brand and your values, while ensuring the contents are compelling and engaging. Whether you’re a small business or a corporation, print publication design is a tool that positions your brand as a credible communicator, and our design approach allows your brand to differentiate itself in the industry.

Publication design Melbourne graphic design services by Christie Davis Design for Fairtrade.

Our Publication Design Services

+ Annual Reports

The hero piece to show off your company’s achievements this year should look the part. Annual report designs are our specialty, and we highlight your successes in a way that inspires your readers to flip the page again and again, cover to cover.

+ Reports

‘Boring, simple and bland’ is not in our vocabulary when it comes to report design. Whether you’re highlighting important research topics or sharing insights into your company, our design approach ensures your hard work will be given the respect it deserves, with clean and elevated presentation.

+ Magazines 

When it’s not just about delivering news, and more about capturing a moment that resonates with the reader, magazine design is the ultimate way to elevate your brand experience.

+ Publication Design 

Beyond reports and magazines, there is a world of printed publications that take the form of books, editorials, product catalogues, directories, newsletters and more. Our design approach remains the same no matter the medium – it’s strategy-led, expertly executed, and always true to your brand.

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